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August 2018

Saver's Tax Credit for 2018

Are you eligible?



Do you contribute to a retirement plan or IRA?  Then you could be eligible for up to a $1,000 saver's tax credit.  Even if your AGI makes you ineligible, encourage your millennial child or grandchild to save because they may qualify.  Let's spread the word about this well-kept IRS secret!


Retirement Savings Contributions Credit (Saver’s Credit) *

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May 2018







Retirement's Hidden Costs

Medical Care

Don’t let unplanned medical expenses ruin your retirement years.  Fidelity Investments estimates that medical costs for a 65-year-old couple retiring in 2018 will total $280,00 during retirement.   The cost for medical care for men in retirement is estimated at $133,00 and for women, who tend to live longer than men, the total estimated cost is $147,000.  Interested in learning more?   Read the entire article here.

If you would like to explore strategies for covering medical expenses in your golden years give me a call today.



April 2018

Business Succession Planning

Business succession planning is essential if you want to sell or transition your business to the next generation.  Watch my video here...







April 2018

Social Security Options by Alan Ginsberg

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Social Security Options by Alan Ginsberg